Starter Kit 

Starter Brand Kit Package 

The perfect solution for solo entrepreneurs with a vision to launch their personal brand on a budget. This package includes a basic logo, fonts, colours, and one live landing page, providing everything you need to kickstart your small business with confidence.

We will create a 100% unique new look for your brand. The journey will start by diving into what makes your business special to emotionally connect to your target audiences.

Please note that the fee quoted does not include GST (for Canadian clients) or platform fees (i.e. Upwork, PayPal for international clients).


1. Milestone one
Deliverable: moodboard x 1 (pdf) 

• Branding & Marketing Research

A 30-60 minutes brand practice meeting to go through your Brand Strategy (what is your brand messaging and personality; who are your audiences, competitors etc). We will start by exploring different existing brand styles to discuss the high-level design and incorporate your feedback into the moodboard.

• Moodboard

You will get a custom moodboard based on our research and your inputs to set the art direction, including typography, colour pallet, photography style, graphic elements etc. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the overall style before moving into the next step.

—> View Moodboard Samples Here

2. Milestone two
Services: Logo Design

• Logo Design

Drawing from the chosen moodboard, we infuse the brand’s essence into a captivating logo, reflecting its visual identity and aesthetics.

• Revision and Finalize

Client feedback is invaluable to us, and we carefully integrate it during one round of revisions. This collaborative process ensures the design is refined to precisely meet your vision and requirements. Should any further revisions be necessary, we remain open to working on them hourly to achieve the perfect result.

3. Milestone three
Services: sourcing images, design mockup

• Design Mockup

Drawing from the moodboard, we integrate the selected color palette, typography, and graphic elements into the web design. This mockup provides a distinct visual representation, perfectly embodying your brand’s identity while effectively communicating your messaging.

• Revision(s)

Your valuable feedback on the web design mockup is crucial as we work closely together to align the design with your vision. Depending on your budget, we offer a flexible number of revision rounds to finalize the guidelines, and one round of revision is already included in this package.

4. Milestone four
Services: Front-end development, responsive tweak on most of the common screens between 320px (phone) and 3000px (oversized desktop screen).

• Front-end Development

Guided by the approved web design mockup, our skilled developers meticulously code and implement the designs on your chosen CMS platform, which can include options such as Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, or Framer.

5. Milestone five
Deliverable: Logo Documents & Website Ownership

• Ownership Hand-over & Post Support

We swiftly transfer full ownership of the website and all related assets to you. You will have sufficient time to conduct a thorough review for any potential issues, and if any development faults arise, we provide support within 5 business days to rectify them. Kindly note that this provision does not encompass new updates/changes, maintenance, or tutoring.

• Deliverable list

Upon project completion, we finalize the main logo and meticulously prepare the deliverable package, including:

(1) Fonts
(2) Logo Files:
-Main logo in full colours x 3 (png, pdf, eps)
-Main logo in black x 3 (png, pdf, eps)
-Main logo in white x 3 (png, pdf, eps)
(3) Graphics elements (eps)

• Ongoing Partnership

We value long-term partnerships and are here to support your future growth and website expansion. Feel free to reach out to us for any future updates, enhancements, or digital marketing needs.